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get the picture

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget the pictureget the pictureinformalUNDERSTAND to understand a situation You’ve said enough. I get the picture. picture
Examples from the Corpus
get the pictureDesigners get the picture John Bell Computer-aided design is a complex technology with complicated effects.Oh, I get the picture. You're in love with Muriel, aren't you?I get the picture. You want me to say you were at my house last night.You're probably getting the picture by now - Russan is a typical product of the 80s.She'd only been married to Gerald for eight months before I started getting the picture.Now, however, it seems even the dimwitted Amphi staff is beginning to get the picture.So the museum has gone to law to get the pictures back.Substitute Vince McMahon with Mel Brooks and you start to get the picture.We don't want any trouble tonight. Do you get the picture?
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