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get to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget to do somethingget to do somethinginformal to have the opportunity to do something We got to meet all the stars after the show. She gets to travel all over the place with her job. get
Examples from the Corpus
get to do somethingI've got to go on studying.Tom gets to go to Disneyland this summer.Unfortunately, getting to it remains unclear.The movie gets to its mysterious combat island with a cool buildup and a sense of wonder.You should have seen me-not too pleasant, but the pressure got to me.We actually got to meet the president when he was here last week.When I got to my room, I opened the door and stood there with my eyes closed.I didn't get to sit down all day.Do I get to stay up late when Dad comes home from his business trip?I got to the chemist five minutes before closing time and the place was jam-packed with the elderly and respectable.But if the case gets to the Law Lords, how could they conclude other than in Mr Straw's favour?A message I've got to work out.
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