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get to like/know/understand somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget to like/know/understand somebody/somethingget to like/know/understand somebody/somethingto gradually begin to like, know, or understand someone or something It’ll take a while for you to get to know everyone. After a while, I got to like him. have got at have1 get
Examples from the Corpus
get to like/know/understand somebody/somethingCome to think of it, he'd seemed rather a decent chap, some one it might be worth getting to know.He got to know Bill Clinton quite well when they were together at Oxford as Rhodes scholars.I would like to get to know customers well 8.So I got, I sort of got to know her.All I had to do was got to know his taste in food.It was one of Brian's three daughters, Karen, who got to know Kirsty.Mrs Nowak and Taczek must have got to know most of the truth and stuck by the cover story.She had seen a leaflet about the YCs and thought that this would provide a good way of getting to know people.
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