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get under somebody’s skin

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget under somebody’s skinget under somebody’s skininformalANNOY if someone gets under your skin, they annoy you, especially by the way they behave What really gets under my skin is people who push straight to the front of the line. skin
Examples from the Corpus
get under somebody’s skinKids will say some mean things to try and get under your skin.Sure he could get under your skin but so would St Francis of Assisi on a job like this.But this class was dearly getting under his skin.It will not be easy given the Sri Lankan propensity for getting under the skin of the opposition.He had got under her skin, and after half an hour she went home alone, not content with second-best.Why did she let him get under her skin like this?So, come on you literary types; stop fretting about Orwell and start getting under our skins.Why was she allowing Doreen to get under her skin in this manner?Why should there be a surface to get beneath, a skin to get under?
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