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get your act together

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishget your act togetherget your act togetherinformal to become more organized and behave in a more effective way, especially in order to achieve something You need to get your act together if you’re going to find the right house to buy. act
Examples from the Corpus
get your act togetherThe Whigs splintered over slavery in the pre-Civil War era and never again got their act together.As for your Suns, there are signs they are getting their act together.At least now they can get their act together.Angie could be an excellent photographer, if only she could get her act together.Then he gets his act together.Nevertheless, he was patient and, eventually, I got my act together and spent the night with him.Now, let's get our act together.If we couldn't get our act together after all that, then we were never going to.Amateurs are invited to get their acts together for stage shows running the gamut from dance, comedy and music.
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