Language: Old English
Origin: gast


1 noun
Related topics: Folklore, Computers
ghost1 [countable]


RF the spirit of a dead person that some people think they can feel or see in a place
ghost of
the ghost of Old Tom Morris
They say the young girl's ghost still haunts (=often appears in) the house.
He looked as if he'd seen a ghost (=he looked very frightened).
Holy Ghost


the memory or effect of someone or something bad that lived, existed, or happened in the past
ghost of
The ghost of Stalinism still affects life in Russia today.

the ghost of a smile/sound etc

a smile etc that is so slight you are not sure it happened:
The ghost of a smile flitted across her sad features.


AMT a second image that is not clear on a television or computer screen

give up the ghost

a) if a machine gives up the ghost, it does not work any more and cannot be repaired - used humorously:
Unfortunately, my car's just given up the ghost.
b) to die

(not) a ghost of a chance

not even a slight chance of doing something, or of something happening:

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