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ginger ale

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ginger aleˌginger ˈale / $ ˈ.../ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDa non-alcoholic drink that tastes of ginger and is often mixed with alcohol
Examples from the Corpus
ginger aleHam and cheese and a ginger ale sounds great.But I fix her her bourbon and ginger ale with the dash of ReaLemon just the way she likes it.We made small talk to everyone we knew and I drank rather a lot of gin and ginger ale.His friend stood on the porch with him, agitating in his hand a paper cup full of whisky and ginger ale.We had some cans of ginger ale in a cooler, but they had gone bad, exploded.Make it a glass of plain ginger ale.Mike poured me a Johnny Walker Black, then filled his own glass with ginger ale.Fresh coffee and cookies, punch with ginger ale and lime sherbet floating in it.
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