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give and take

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive and takegive and takeinformal to help other people and do things for them as well as expecting them to do things for you You have to learn to give and take in any relationship. give
Examples from the Corpus
give and takeSo I think there was more give and take between our performing than any other relationship.In this liaison there should be a great deal of give and take, generating trust and mutual respect.He had no sense of give and take; no idea of the concessions one made for the sake of social comfort.But once in gear, the collective give and take of a vivisystem takes root and persists.But in the give and take of biology the tubeworm has to supply raw materials to the bacteria.The next fifteen minutes are spent on the rapid-fire give and take that only another teenager could understand.But with so many areas of potential give and take, the discussions did not run smoothly.They seem to give and take without design.
give-and-takeˌgive-and-ˈtake noun [uncountable]  WILLINGa willingness between two people or groups to understand each other, and to let each other have or do some of the things they want syn compromise In any relationship there has to be some give-and-take.
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