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give me something (any day/time)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive me something (any day/time)give me something (any day/time)spokenPREFER used to say that you like something much more than something else Give me good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll any day! give
Examples from the Corpus
give me something (any day/time)I don't like those fancy French desserts. Give me a bowl of chocolate ice cream any day.And so this rural scene to which we had escaped gave me a frame of reference to understand my parents.Half an hour later, I was in a forest eating the bread they had given me.I gave her your number and told her to give me five minutes to warn you first.Just give me the one with 80 percent meat, 20 percent filler.Minna pulled away and gave me a look that was part triumph and part astonishment.Thelma, haggard and overly lipsticked, gave me a refill.They'd be sorry for me, they'd give me whisky and aspirins and send me to a psychiatrist.This gave me more information about the teams than any of the other committee members had.
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