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give somebody/something a lift

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive somebody/something a liftgive somebody/something a liftHAPPY a) to make someone feel more cheerful and more hopeful The new park has given everyone in the neighbourhood a lift. b) to make something such as a business, the economy etc operate better The Bank of England’s announcement gave the stock market a lift today. lift
Examples from the Corpus
give somebody/something a liftIf I'm feeling down, buying makeup always gives me a lift.They stopped the cab and gave him a lift home, teasing him lightly about the toasts.Mrs Wright came in and she said she'd give me a lift home.Good deals in auto stock prices gave the stock market a lift today.She gave him a lift back to their cottage in Tetbury.Or make some patronising remark about her cute rear end and how he would be delighted to give her a lift over?The man tried to give her a lift and wouldn't take no for an answer.It's you that's wanted down at the station and it was kind of you to give me a lift.Later in the day they were given a lift in a horse and cart from west London out into the country.Can you give me a lift?
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