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give somebody/something a wide berth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive somebody/something a wide berthgive somebody/something a wide berthAVOIDto avoid someone or something wide
Examples from the Corpus
give somebody/something a wide berthA marabou stork was poking about nearby in a pile of rubbish, and I gave it a wide berth.Passers-by gave her a wide berth.People shuffle past, giving us a wide berth.Sandie gives her a wide berth.She saw him coming and intended to give him a wide berth.Ssamois with polenta the centrepiece of the Menu Gastronomico Valdostano, so I gave that a wide berth.The chil-dren sensed his tension and gave him a wide berth.Sandie's been giving her a wide berth since the argument.Besides, in most vacation areas the locals learn to give a wide berth to tourists in their rented land yachts.
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