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give somebody the slip

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive somebody the slipgive somebody the slipinformal to escape from someone who is chasing you Somehow she’d given them the slip. slip
Examples from the Corpus
give somebody the slipAfter giving their pursuers the slip, the thieves abandoned the Cavalier.Watch him very carefully - he might try and give us the slip.But she was confident she could give the police the slip.Perhaps he thought that, and he'd given me the slip.Eddie gave her the slip in the hotel lobby.Somehow the Girls gave Daisy the slip and went off with them.He gave her the slip, and there was a pause.But to find her meant giving him the slip, and she hadn't been too successful at that the last time.Time allowed 08:29 Still at large ... armed prisoner gives police the slip.I wanted to talk to her before she left the hotel, but she gave me the slip.A week ago her plan had been to give Travis the slip and catch the first flight out.
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