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give the game away

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive the game awaygive the game awayTELL A SECRETto spoil a surprise or secret by doing or saying something that lets someone guess what the secret is Lynn gave the game away by laughing when Kim walked in. game
Examples from the Corpus
give the game awayThey saw the mistake-prone Cavs almost give the game away.Unfortunately, Godwin's illustrative examples give the game away.But Mr Penrice had given the game away.Don't mention Dad's birthday or you'll give the game away.She had nearly given the game away there.Anyway, the number plate gives the game away.Not, of course, that there is much to give the game away.Cats merely have the instinct not to give the game away by revealing all that they are aware of.Certain anatomical shapes such as legs, arms, necks, feet or wings tend to give the game away.
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