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give voice to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive voice to somethinggive voice to somethingto express your feelings or thoughts Participants are encouraged to give voice to their personal hopes, fears and dreams. voice
Examples from the Corpus
give voice to somethingHowever, those same three astronauts, when coming down, gave voice to a couple of suggestions.McMillan has given voice to a generation of middle-class black women and found a huge crossover audience in the process.Ossie Davis, who has given voice to figures in earlier Burns films, narrates.Unfortunately, many citizens think along the lines that rightwingers give voice to.Sunday schools too were booming and every week little people were taught to give voice to such emollient verses as these.We use words to give voice to our thoughts and feelings and to attempt to convey them to other people.Maslow was giving voice to some delicate possibility within me, and I was powerfully drawn to it.How could a Prime Minister who gave voice to such sentiments be regarded as a political figure in his own right?
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