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give your all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgive your allgive your allto make the greatest possible effort in order to achieve something The coach expects every player to give their all in every game. all
Examples from the Corpus
give your allHe won't have a go if you have a bad game, but he expects everyone to give their all.Andrea Lo Cicero was another who gave his all, a prop who could run and tackle and still do the basics.It was unfair to drop players who had given their all against West Indies and to bring in others against Sri Lanka.Joe was the kind of guy who gave his all every moment on the job.She gave her all in the last race, but it wasn't quite good enough to win.I give her all my money.And I gave her all my power.Gill and Bernard give her all she needs.He supposed that the man with the Northern actorish accent had given her all the advice she needed.Piphros had given her all the information possible in a limited way.
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