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giveawaygive‧a‧way1 /ˈɡɪvəweɪ/ noun  1 [singular]SIGN/INDICATION something that makes it easy for you to guess somethingbe a clear/dead giveaway (=make it very easy to guess something) He’d been smoking dope; his glazed eyes were a dead giveaway.2 [countable]BBTSHOP/STORE something that is given away free, especially something that a shop gives you when you buy a product
Examples from the Corpus
giveawayLast night Mr Brown was working on the final details of his £4billion giveaway.Center Peter Forsberg made it 2-0, taking advantage of a rare Ray Bourque giveaway in the defensive zone.As for the faucets, their age is a dead giveaway.At the church they're having a holiday giveaway of clothes and toys.There are clues, though not giveaways, from the start.There are all kinds of giveaway which could be used in place of product samples.Promotional items and giveaways: Many manufacturers offered giveaways to consumers with the purchase of their product.be a clear/dead giveawayThe tentacles the skin - with its patchiness that spoke of increasing age - were clear giveaway.As for the faucets, their age is a dead giveaway.The eyes are a dead giveaway.Since Young hardly ever slides, it was a dead giveaway something was troubling him.
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giveawaygiveaway2 adjective [only before noun]  BCHEAPgiveaway prices are extremely cheap
Examples from the Corpus
giveawayThe Bank may also fear a giveaway Budget in March, and the easy option is for it to do nothing.
From Longman Business Dictionarygiveawaygive‧a‧way /ˈgɪvəweɪ/ noun [countable]MARKETING1informal used in advertisements to say that something is extremely cheap to buyAt £400, these computers are a giveaway.No airline could afford to carry passengers for long at such giveaway prices.2something that is given to customers free of chargeComic books were first published in the US in 1933, for use as advertising giveaways.
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