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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgivengiv‧en1 /ˈɡɪvən/ verb  x-refthe past participle of givegivengiven2 ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  1 any/a given ...2 ARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETCpreviously arranged syn specific The wrapping machine was pre-set to wrap a given number of biscuits. Candidates will have to give a presentation on a given topic. a game in which, at a given signal, everyone has to stand still3 be given to (doing) something4 take something as given
Examples from the Corpus
givenSet size the width of the type body of a given point size.These were to identify, but not describe or interpret, the stylistic devices present in a given text.They didn't meet me at the given time.
givengiven3 preposition  SURPRISEDtaking something into account syn considering Given the circumstances, you’ve done really well.given that Given that the patients have some disabilities, we still try to enable them to be as independent as possible.
Examples from the Corpus
givenGiven the number of people we invited, I'm surprised so few came.given thatAn employee who was given that choice and chooses resignation can still receive unemployment compensation or file a lawsuit against the boss.They are permitted no naturalistic embellishment, but given that choice the stylisation should be taken further.This is not surprising given that entrance charge is only a part of the relevant composite price.Yet none has ever been given that honor.I think I did all right, given that I didn't study much for the test.A serious issue indeed for the Committee given that literature is to be the central instrument for furthering its cultural programme.Nicholas was never given that privilege.It is especially difficult given that several of the most important Idealists were also actively contributing to the reinterpretation of Liberal principles.Not all of either circumstance was required for the effect, given that the other whole circumstance existed.
givengiven4 noun [countable]  TRUEa basic fact that you accept as being true Sandra will be at least 15 minutes late – that’s a given. The concept is taken as a given in social studies.
Examples from the Corpus
givenIndeed many other art-historical givens have been rendered obsolete by pluralism and cultural diversity.The so-called laws of nature are regarded as inexorable givens.They were, like this new body she was growing into, givens.We might say roughly that there are two sorts of givens which we could call duties and wishes.It enters into the work as one of the givens with which the artist begins.National identities are not constant and unchanging givens.taken as a givenThe classical answer is simply that they are there; they are taken as given.Classical economic theory denies that those characteristics can be taken as given.In effect, they argue that the governmental agenda can not be taken as a given.The number of firms in the manufacturing sector has been so far taken as given.Here, aggression is taken as a given which must find some outlet.In the art world, if not in mainstream media and media theory, the hardware is seldom taken as given.Traditionally the supply of deposits was taken as given.
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