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gizmogiz‧mo /ˈɡɪzməʊ $ -moʊ/ noun (plural gizmos) [countable] informal  TZTOOLa small piece of equipment – used when you cannot remember or do not know its correct name syn gadget
Examples from the Corpus
gizmoEach isolated farm has electricity, a newish car or two and is full of gadgets and gizmos.He didn't seem to miss the gadgets and gizmos, though.In the works as well are touch-screen pump menus and other electronic gizmos.Some may even love all those silly electronic gizmos you want to wow them with.And in this issue, I review yet another anti-heron gizmo which switches on the fountain when the heron alights.The latest is an outpatient procedure with a new gizmo that removes throat tissues with radio frequencies.Tian yanked a black plastic gizmo out of the box.Children used to computer games will enjoy this, but the gizmos will soon seem out of date.
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