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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgladlyglad‧ly /ˈɡlædli/ adverb  1 WILLINGwillingly or eagerly I would gladly have done it for him.2 HAPPYhappily ‘Here’s Michelle!’ he said gladly. not suffer fools gladly at suffer(5)
Examples from the Corpus
gladly"Here's Michelle!" he said gladly.He didn't suffer fools gladly.When businesses heard about the reason for the fund-raiser, they gladly gave us donations.She gladly greeted him and led him to her home.My parents would gladly loan us the money.But I never stopped cooking gladly, not even after the children grew up and left home.They would gladly put up with a certain level of pregnancy risk if it meant fewer side effects.It appeared that this setting was providing Suzy with an audience to which she gladly reacted.If only I had more money in the bank, I would gladly retire.
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