Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Perhaps from glent 'to move quickly, shine' (13-19 centuries)


1 verb
glance1 W3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]
1 to quickly look at someone or something
glance at/up/down etc
The man glanced nervously at his watch.
Wyatt glanced around the restaurant.
Emily glanced over her shoulder.
2 to read something very quickly
glance at/through etc
Can you glance through these figures for me?

glance off (something)

phrasal verb
1 to hit a surface at an angle and then move away from it in another direction:
The bullet had crushed his helmet and glanced off.
2 literary if light glances off a surface, it flashes or shines back from it:
The sun was glancing off the icy tips of gleaming rock.

glance, glimpse
glance (verb) means 'to look quickly and deliberately' and a glance is the act of quickly looking at someone or something I glanced at my watch. She gave me an amused glance.glimpse (verb) means 'to see something or someone by chance for a very short time' and a glimpse is a sight that you see by chance for a very short time I glimpsed someone behind the curtain. We got a glimpse of her face as she hurried past.

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