2 noun
glance2 W3 [countable]
1 a quick look:
He gave her a quick glance and smiled.
sidelong/sideways glance
She couldn't resist a sidelong glance (=a look that is not direct) at him.
take/shoot/throw/cast a glance (at somebody) (=look at someone or something quickly)
The couple at the next table cast quick glances in our direction.
The brothers exchanged glances (=looked at each other quickly).

at a glance

a) if you know something at a glance, you know it as soon as you see it:
He saw at a glance what had happened.
b) in a short form that is easy to read and understand:
Here are our top ten ski resorts at a glance.

at first glance/sight

when you first look at something:
At first glance, the place seemed deserted.

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