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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglaringglar‧ing /ˈɡleərɪŋ $ ˈɡler-/ adjective  1 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSvery bad and very noticeable syn obvious The book’s most glaring omission is the lack of an index. a glaring example of political corruption2 LIGHTtoo bright and difficult to look at syn dazzling the glaring light of high noon
Examples from the Corpus
glaringI left her glaring and withdrew from the group, to find Jules waiting for me.Too many bright lights can create a glaring contrast between the lit and unlit areas.It was a glaring error, which cost the company over $2 million in lost business."It was a glaring example of bad judgment, " said one official who asked not to be named.I am a glaring exception to this normality simply by walking.He had judged her without question, but could attribute fortitude and resolution to Matilda despite the Empress's glaring faults.The government had made serious proposals during 1988 about reforming the graduate assignment system because of its glaring inefficiencies.the glaring sunShe was still glaring, though straight ahead now.glaring omissionI look forward to your suggestions for the most glaring omissions.In fact, his list of credits is so extensive, it is understandable that an employer might overlook one glaring omission.It's not a glaring omission, but an odd one, you have to admit.Well, one pretty glaring omission in the case is any mention of marketing and promotion.I have made a few similar remarks in my new book about glaring omissions in the chronicle of memorials.A glaring omission is, however, the lack of any details about military work in space.The most glaring omission was the lack of reference to take-up problems.glaring lightLost, that is, from the glaring lights and crowded telescopes of the city.There is the camel rider of Blunt in the glaring light and the thorn bushes clutching at him with their crooked hands.The interiors of these stores had crude floors, bare ceilings, glaring lights, gaudy signs, and merchandise piled everywhere.Share your thought with the class - if, ha ha, it will bear up to the glaring light of day.The glaring light of high noon encouraged his use of rich blacks.
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