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glass fibre

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glass fibreˌglass ˈfibre noun [uncountable]  TIfibreglass
Examples from the Corpus
glass fibreMade from glass fibre rovings and polyester resin, it is normal for the rod to be white.His flying saucer, however, is made of glass fibre and runs on compressed air.Below: The range of glass fibre tubing, in this case moulded in various colours.The handles are made from nylon-reinforced glass fibre for extra strength.It must be borne in mind that more copper equates to more adhesive holding the copper foil on to the glass fibre panel.Rockwool mineral wool in blanket form is an effective alternative to glass fibre.Left: Typical of the rigid frame using glass fibre tubing on the earlier steerable deltas is seen on this example.During the summer, he had insulated the roof by filling the areas between the joists with glass fibre wool.
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