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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglassesglasses[plural]MHD two pieces of specially cut glass or plastic in a frame, which you wear in order to see more clearly syn spectacles He was clean-shaven and wore glasses. I need a new pair of glasses.distance/reading glasses dark glasses, field glassesGrammarGlasses is plural, even when it refers to a single object: She’s got nice glasses. Don’t say: She’s got a nice glasses. glass
Examples from the Corpus
wore glassesShe had brown eyes and wore glasses, except when she was meeting some one for the first time.Delores was tall and overweight and wore glasses that were a little too large for her face.Dad wore glasses, but they spent more time in his hand than on his nose.He had a moustache, short dark hair, and he wore glasses.It seems to me that I wore glasses before I wore zinc and castor oil cream.He was clean-shaven, wore glasses and had dark hair with a bald spot.The kid had bright yellow socks on, Lucy was barefoot and her hair was longer and she wore glasses.It was asking for trouble especially if you wore glasses like him.