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gliderglid‧er /ˈɡlaɪdə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TTAa light plane that flies without an engine
Examples from the Corpus
gliderIf a glider was blown over with some one sitting inside it unstrapped, that person could be killed.Anyone sitting in a glider must always be properly strapped in.Do not land behind or close to another glider or obstruction.It was a terrible idea, gliders...As a result, most of the new breed of gliders are more pleasant and safer to fly.Stop flying before it becomes too windy to move or fly the glider.The airbrakes can then be reduced once it is clear that the glider will not overshoot with full airbrake.If this happens, it is important to move the stick forwards sufficiently to ensure that the glider does not re-stall.
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