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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglitchglitch /ɡlɪtʃ/ noun [countable]  FAULT/something WRONGa small fault in a machine or piece of equipment, that stops it working a software glitchsee thesaurus at fault
Examples from the Corpus
glitchEach must get on the air without a glitch if possible.A glitch in the system shut down telephone service to nearly 6 million customers.The chaotic potential of the Year 2000 computer glitch was licked.Company records were lost due to a computer glitch.Here we describe the largest glitch so far recorded in the Crab pulsar.The drawing suggests a temporary problem or glitch which has threatened the mission.NASA officials found a way to work around the technical glitch on the Galileo spacecraft.As the glitches are found and corrected, the process is speeding up.When told of the results, Kline identified the glitch.This glitch would prove but the tip of the iceberg.
From Longman Business Dictionaryglitchglitch /glɪtʃ/ noun [countable]COMPUTINGMANUFACTURING a small fault in a machine or piece of equipment that stops it workinga computer glitch
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