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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglitteringglit‧ter‧ing /ˈɡlɪtərɪŋ/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 SHINEgiving off many small flashes of light syn sparkling glittering jewels2 FAMOUSRICHvery successful a glittering career3 connected with rich, famous, and fashionable people a glittering Hollywood premiere
Examples from the Corpus
glitteringThese were the glittering and opulent reminders of the medieval city.It was merely a shell with glittering branches at the best addresses in London.a glittering career in the diplomatic serviceHis pristine shield with the glittering cross was scarred and broken by blows of which he had no recollection.The glittering figure who impressed us so much is no more.He had provided one essential, a glittering showcase for the de Chavigny merchandise.
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