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globalglo‧bal /ˈɡləʊbəl $ ˈɡloʊ-/ ●●○ W2 adjective  1 PALL/EVERYTHINGaffecting or including the whole worlduniversal global climate change the global economy2 considering all the parts of a problem or situation together We are taking a global view of our business.3 ALL/EVERYTHINGaffecting a whole computer system, program, or fileglobally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
globalAnd it has failed to snare any major global accounts in several years.Campaigners have called for a global ban on landmines.Interdependence was to be found at global, continental, regional or local levels.The new global economy is exciting and full of possibilities.Multinational companies create, in effect, a global economy.It was impossible to completely check the global effects of each alteration to the file.Yet the rainforests cover just seven percent of global landmass.Today the global network environment reaches over 140 countries, each with its own slant.Of course, in past centuries, no global news network existed to capture the anguish of the victims.AIDS is a global problem which needs a global response.Only the UN can tackle global problems like pollution of the atmosphere.Anything the US does is likely to have an impact on a global scale.a global searchSimon & Schuster said it no longer wanted the smaller company because it did not fit into its global strategy.We've done a global study on the company's weaknesses.Scientists at an international conference have been discussing global warming and its possible effects.
From Longman Business Dictionaryglobalglo‧bal /ˈgləʊbəlˈgloʊ-/ adjective1including and considering all the parts of a situation together, rather than the individual parts separatelyThe auditor’s report takes a global view of the figures.2ECONOMICSaffecting or involving the whole worldInformation and money are becoming increasingly global.Global banks must be able to serve the financing needs of corporations, big and small, anywhere in the world.We need to reduce operating costs in the face of increased global competition.The US competes in a global market and can’t ignore interest rates in other countries.3go globalCOMMERCE if a company or industry goes global, it starts doing business all over the worldThe design agency went global in the 90s and today deals with all the Japanese, German and U.S. car makers.globally adverbThe Wall Street Journal has learned to think globally while operating regionally.
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