Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: glorie, from Latin gloria


1 noun
glo‧ry1 plural glories
1 [uncountable] the importance, honour, and praise that people give someone they admire a lot:
She dreamt of future glory as an Olympic champion.
Goran's moment of glory came when he defeated Rafter.
He began the season in a blaze of glory, scoring seven goals in as many games.
2 [countable] an achievement that is greatly admired or respected, or makes you very proud
glory of
one of the finest artistic glories of Florence
monuments to past glories
Becoming a Supreme Court judge was the crowning glory (=most successful part) of her career.
3 [uncountable] when something is beautiful and impressive in appearance:
They spent $10 million restoring the theatre to its former glory.
in all its/their etc glory
The sun emerged from behind the clouds in all its glory.

bask/bathe in somebody's/something's (reflected) glory

to share some of the importance and praise that belongs to someone close to you

glory days

a time in the past when someone was admired:
the team's glory days in the late '80s

to the (greater) glory of somebody/something

formal in order to increase the honour that is given to someone or something:
The cathedral was built to the greater glory of God.

Glory (be) to God/Jesus etc

spokenRRC used to say that God deserves praise, honour, and thanks

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