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glossy magazine/brochure etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglossy magazine/brochure etcglossy magazine/brochure etca magazine etc printed on good-quality shiny paper, usually with lots of colour pictures glossy
Examples from the Corpus
glossy magazine/brochure etcI had read the literature, listened to the tape and examined the glossy brochure.I have simply refined the role of glossy magazines.You may obtain snapshots using scissors and your favorite glossy magazine.They strike beautiful poses that could go unaltered into glossy magazines but tell us little about them.A glossy magazine designed to satisfy the CEOs ego may go wide of the mark with the factory workers.Yes, the glossy magazines should avoid using images of clearly under-nourished models or promoting the heroin-chic look.Chapanis suggested that computers are not quite as easy to work as the glossy brochures suggest.It can be seen smiling from the cover of glossy magazines that celebrate celebrity as much as sport.
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