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glove compartment

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glove compartmentˈglove comˌpartment (also glove box) noun [countable]  TTCa small cupboard in a car in front of the passenger seat, where things such as maps can be kept
Examples from the Corpus
glove compartmentOne inspector was startled to see a woman's face peering back at him from a glove compartment box.I took a fresh notebook from the glove compartment and started back to talk to them.Before she even left the compound, Yolanda put the list away in the glove compartment.I tallied our money, sorted it, found a sickly rubber band in the glove compartment to wrap around it.As Harry Chiltern had said, there was always a gun in the glove compartment.In the glove compartment of his car was another love letter, this time written by her husband.She got the revolver off the back seat and put it into the glove compartment with the cartridges.Miguel leaned across and opened the glove compartment, pulling out his fat plastic bag of weed.
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