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glutglut1 /ɡlʌt/ noun [countable usually singular]  BBTTOO/TOO MUCHa supply of something, especially a product or crop, that is more than is needed opp shortageglut of a glut of oil on the world market
Examples from the Corpus
glutFrieder could have a glut of scholarships available on short notice.When there is a glut of milk more products like yoghurt are made.Against overwhelming odds, I surrendered myself and watched a glut of documentaries about the military hardware.The crucial part was what came between those two goals, however, with a glut of chances going begging.A glut of bonds on the market pushed prices down.The quota system did it; there was a milk glut.And for the pleasure of it I apply my rule to the urban world of glut.No critical shortages or gluts livened things up this year for traders in the futures pits at the New York Mercantile Exchange.The Internet should be available to the public without all the glut and advertising we have to pay to get it.In many cases the salvaged timber was sold, albeit at prices depressed by the glut of timber on the market.
glutglut2 verb (glutted, glutting) [transitive]  to cause something to have too much of something the glutted property market
Examples from the Corpus
glutManufacturers continue to glut communities with handguns, assault weapons and ammunition.There was no feeling sorry: he took down too many days for easeful sorrow; he glutted on ruin.glutted ... marketHowever throughout the 1980s prices have declined in a glutted market.
From Longman Business Dictionaryglutglut1 /glʌt/ noun [countable usually singular]COMMERCE a supply of something that is more than is needed, caused by producing too much of itA world-wide glut of memory chips should prevent prices from rising.OPEC cut production in an effort to prevent anoil glutglutglut2 verb (glutted, glutting) COMMERCEMARKETING glut the market to produce a supply of something that is more than is needed, causing its price to fallThe market is already glutted with unsold properties.glutted adjective [only before a noun]Hawaii’s glutted luxury-hotel industry
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