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glutinousglu‧ti‧nous /ˈɡluːtɪnəs $ -tn-əs/ adjective  CSSTICKvery sticky glutinous mud
Examples from the Corpus
glutinousAfter sawing through the thick, rough skin, Trondur found that all the flesh was blubbery and glutinous.Enough to make the room swim, send the beer flat and the chicken legs glutinous.The centrepiece will be rice, fragrant in the south, more glutinous in the north.We hunted for mushrooms, boiled them in water, ate the glutinous mass slowly, wishing for salt.His sandals were encased in a large quantity of glutinous mud.He wasn't all that sorry to find an urgent message from Headquarters that meant leaving the glutinous pasta.There are moments of glutinous sentiment.A little boy was washing plates and cups in a bowl of water glutinous with grease, food matter and drowned flies.
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