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go about your business

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo about your businessgo about your businessto do the things that you normally do The street was full of ordinary people going about their business. business
Examples from the Corpus
go about your businessYou have to laugh about it and go about your business.While Deion Sanders received most of the pre-game ballyhoo, his bookend Brown went about his business with little or no fanfare.He was indifferent to the attention he received, calmly going about his business, never using his influence to manipulate others.The 49ers are counting on Deese to epitomize that professionalism as he goes about his business with Smith.Normally it went about its business either on foot or in an arabeah, the horse-drawn cab distinctive to the city.The street was filled with ordinary people going about their business.Yesterday, as the group of pickers went about their business, police said there had been no further incidents.Sara went about her business, more troubled than ever about Jenny's imminent arrival.They went about their business, expecting him to appear at any moment.
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