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go astray

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo astraygo astraya) to be lost or stolen The letter had gone astray in the post. b) if a plan or action goes astray, it goes wrong The best-laid plans can go astray. astray
Examples from the Corpus
go astrayThe form you mailed must have gone astray.We should not be comforted by allowing ourselves to regard Noam Friedman et al. as disturbed individuals who have gone astray.The street is filled with teenagers who have gone astray.I enclose a copy in case the original has gone astray.It could be that fewer of those bright ideas will go astray.It wasn't too windy, but windy enough to cause the occasional shot to go astray.She knew the long list of silver almost by heart and counted it monthly that nothing might go astray.To stop Tootle from going astray, the townspeople get together and conceive ofa clever plan, in which they all participate.Perhaps the most famous example of a re-creation gone astray took place in July 1989.The problem is sometimes that parts go astray, which makes it impossible to reassemble the file.
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