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go berserk

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo berserkgo berserkinformalVIOLENT to become very angry and violent Dad went berserk when he found out. berserk
Examples from the Corpus
go berserkOn the table in the front of the room was a telephone, which rang whenever the bond market went berserk.When they tried to arrest him, he suddenly went berserk.But then Munter goes over the edge, sounding like a Weight Watchers leader gone berserk.Converse was commencing another glide when Smitty went berserk.No, I was a sort of insane ghetto personality who got off on the written word, and went berserk.She went berserk and began shouting at everybody on the platform.The guy just went totally berserk and started hitting me.He offered to show me, but Alain nearly went berserk and then we got interrupted.He wasn't proud of the ability to go berserk because it meant loss of control.But eight days after this fire went berserk, there are no serious injuries.She's probably lived such a repressed life she goes berserk when she comes out to the West Indies.
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