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go blank

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo blankgo blanka) FORGETif your mind goes blank, or if you go blank, you are suddenly unable to remember something My heart began to race and my mind went blank. b) NONE/NOTHINGto stop showing any images, writing etc Suddenly the screen went blank. blank
Examples from the Corpus
go blankSuddenly the screen went blank.I remember standing there getting red in the face and my mind going blank.Mine start when I go blank.We sat beside him and encouraged him when he stumbled or went blank.When she asked Karen a question, even though Karen knew the answer her mind immediately went blank.I just went blank and couldn't remember his name for a minute.Why then do their minds go blank as soon as they turn over the question paper?It was as if his mind had gone blank or had become a golden mind, as Larry's had.The screen went blank, unlike his mind.My mind went blank with grief and despair.
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