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go broke

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo brokego brokeFAILif a company or business goes broke, it can no longer operate because it has no money A lot of small businesses went broke in the recession. broke
Examples from the Corpus
go brokeMr Menem applied such nonsense in the state of La Rioja, where he is governor; it has gone broke.Project the numbers forward and government simply goes broke.Two retiring Republican senators warned their fellow lawmakers Tuesday that they need to fix the Social Security system before it goes broke.Bethlehem went broke a year later, but a reissue set appeared 20 years later.A lot of small businesses went broke during the recession.They are delightful students, but we take them because we'd go broke if we didn't.He could also go broke - last year, farm incomes fell by 25 percent.Ninety-nine out of a hundred wildcatters went broke or crazy or both and abandoned their last asteroid with the equipment in situ.And once you have so many farmers going broke, the ripple effect starts.
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