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go bust

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo bustgo bustinformalFAIL a business that goes bust cannot continue operating bust
Examples from the Corpus
go bustEven when certain licensed dealers have survived, the firms in which they were making markets have gone bust.I think I fancy a well-paid job with a firm that won't go bust.Now the process has reached crisis point: the organization is about to go bust.The supermarket isn't there any more. They went bust ages ago.Last year they faced uncertainty over their jobs when the Lewis's group went bust and called in the receivers.His haulage business went bust and he owes £120,000 on a semi in New Denham, Bucks, now worth only £80,000.About 60,000 business go bust each year in the United States.When competitors pull out, get taken over or go bust, fares go up.Then it really went bust, flat, dead bust, in the l920s.Most of the steel factories around here went bust in the 1980s.But when the Thatcher boom went bust Sugar's business declined with it - and so did Amstrad's market rating.
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