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go by the board

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo by the boardgo by the boardIMPOSSIBLEif an idea, way of behaving, or plan goes by the board, it fails to happen, ends, or is no longer possible Loyalty has gone by the board. board
Examples from the Corpus
go by the boardAnd because the domestic style was unsuited to amplified discourse, the domestic rules of politeness also went by the board.Scientific batsmanship goes by the board.We used to play golf, but went by the board when he moved.Their principles have gone by the board.Meanwhile, there are other niceties that have simply gone by the board in certain aspects of management life.Health, education, transport and other welfare spending goes by the board.Moral standards go by the board in an atmosphere that seems generated purely for the above purposes.We had 100 people in the retail home delivery, but that was going by the boards by then.
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