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go/come along

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo/come alonggo/come alongGO TO/ATTENDto go or come to a place where something is happening You’re welcome to come along if you like. I think I’ll go along and watch the game. along
Examples from the Corpus
go/come alongIf you would like to reassess your life and learn how to use stress to your advantage, come along.So I agreed to go along.The discussion groups were relatively open, and many people came along as friends of friends.Until Green Bay came along, either one of these two teams was going to win the Super Bowl.Gingrich listened carefully to the Tuesday Lunch Bunch, and sometimes came along to their meetings.Sam Fermoyle came along West Street.A Democratic Capitol Hill aide said it's too early to tell whether Congress will go along with the proposal.Other religious schools unwilling to go along with them should no longer expect state funding.
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