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go downhill

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo downhillgo downhillWORSEif a situation goes downhill, it gets worse syn deteriorate Grandma fell and broke her leg, and she went downhill quite rapidly after that. downhill
Examples from the Corpus
go downhillAfter he lost his job, things went downhill.The whole thing is going downhill.You feel the situation is going downhill.Moving in together was a mistake, and things rapidly went downhill.After that, things started to go downhill.Cruel observers may remark that he's been going downhill ever since.I said I didn't like baseball, and the interview went downhill from then on.When things started to go downhill, Kyle began looking for another job.The evening had gone downhill since she asked about the coat.Things have been going downhill since the kitchen help moved into the classroom.Life seems to have gone downhill since the younger one was born.Monta o accuses the city of deliberately forcing the neighborhood to go downhill, the better to justify a future land grab.
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