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go flying/laughing/rushing etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo flying/laughing/rushing etcgo flying/laughing/rushing etcFALLto move in a particular way, or to do something as you are moving The plate went crashing to the floor. The bullet went flying over my head. John went rushing off down the corridor. go
Examples from the Corpus
go flying/laughing/rushing etcBodies not strapped in by seat belts go flying.The next member of the team took his place at the stumps only to see both bails go flying.The doll and blanket went flying, bounced off the far end of the block, and fell into the make-believe river.It tripped on a book and almost went flying, but it just succeeded in remaining upright.Any minute I expected the poor little madman to go flying in the night, dead.So why had she gone rushing north from Lima to see this half-brother of hers?But shouldn't you try and find out some more about him before you go rushing off?Spit went flying, seen by millions.
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