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go hungry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo hungrygo hungryHUNGRY/STARVINGto not have enough to eat Thousands of families go hungry every day. hungry
Examples from the Corpus
go hungryFrankie had learned to prepare in advance for those days and nights when he might otherwise go hungry.Most of the 300,000 people live off the land and no one has gone hungry.No-one is allowed to go hungry.Without welfare benefits, many may become homeless, others will go hungry.It was a compulsion I'd starved for, and even if I never went hungry again I would feel that compulsion for ever.Many people had lost everything they owned in the floods and many were now going hungry, he said.Families went hungry, lost nine months of income, and for what, really?She has never gone hungry, suffered horrible illness or seen some one she loves die.
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