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go it alone

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo it alonego it aloneINDEPENDENT PERSONto start working or living on your own, especially after working or living with other people After years of working for a big company I decided to go it alone. alone
Examples from the Corpus
go it aloneAfter years of working for a big company, I decided to go it alone.No single community could go it alone.The response to our proposal was lukewarm, so we felt we had to go it alone.When it comes to parenthood, more and more women are deciding to go it alone.As much as he can, he tries to go it alone.But County Auctions, a big operation with centres at Wooler and Newcastle, was always likely to go it alone.He knew that each brought something important to the relationship, but that neither could go it alone.If we would not be better off, it might be better to go it alone.Sayles hasn't regretted his decision to go it alone as a filmmaker.Do not try to go it alone - everything you do will be enhanced by the company of another.Many of them do not have the capital or a big enough infrastructure to go it alone, he said.That was when Brian decided to go it alone, sourcing the units and adapting them himself.
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