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go live

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo livego livewhen a system or project goes live, people start to use it after it has been planned and discussed for a long time Their new information retrieval system went live last month. a new security project which will go live in October live
Examples from the Corpus
go liveBefore you rush to subscribe, however, it's only the phone arm of the service that has gone live.The new site was due to go live at the end of June and promised new personalisation features.The new system went live earlier this year.Undeterred, Gandhi declared he would go live in a hut in the untouchable quarter.Care management goes live in April 1993 but is still poorly rehearsed and its performance may yet disappoint.On 12 January the Midland electrification between Luton and Bedford went live in preparation for driver-only training. 1982.The service, CallNet0800, goes live on 1 November.We went live on air by telephone for about ten minutes, at about 8.25 am.
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