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go on the offensive

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo on the offensivego on the offensive (also take the offensive)ATTACK to start attacking or criticizing someone before they start attacking or criticizing you Republicans went on the offensive over soaring gasoline prices. The international coalition was ready to take the offensive. offensive
Examples from the Corpus
go on the offensiveHastily revising his plans for my career, he settled us into our Cape Cod retreat and went on the offensive.But before Adamowski could get his campaign under way, Daley threw him off balance by going on the offensive.When the Government hinted darkly about a privacy bill in the wake of the Mellor affair, MacKenzie went on the offensive.Temperamentally unsuited for compromise, Tatum went on the offensive.If she could find somewhere dry, she would be able to go on the offensive.So she did not need to go on the offensive and was not required to fight.
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