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(go) out of business

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(go) out of business(go) out of businessFAILif a company goes out of business, or something puts it out of business, it stops operating, especially because of financial problems Higher interest rates will drive small firms out of business. business
Examples from the Corpus
(go) out of businessBut most analysts agree that many health insurance companies would be driven out of business.Now that the war was over the Navy was, in effect, out of business, and it sought repossession.If they were not, bird-watching and natural history museums would each go out of business.The advisory council goes out of business now, having delivered its long-awaited report.Farmers and ranchers are still going out of business on the plains today.Rather, the independent-minded newspapers believe that the government now wants to drive them out of business.It was assumed that I might well put a customer or two out of business.The league was out of business after three seasons.
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