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go out (of) the window

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo out (of) the windowgo out (of) the windowinformalDISAPPEAR to disappear completely or no longer have any effect One glass of wine, and all my good intentions went out the window. window
Examples from the Corpus
go out (of) the windowOnce they sniffed victory caution went out of the window.If they are barred from this, cost control could go out of the window.Douglas went out the window when they turned on him.Design faults meant that each new station required major alterations; any hope of a production line quickly went out the window.But that system has long since gone out the window.Regular-season stuff goes out the window.When it hit, tradition went out the window, taking with it a great many careers.Also by definition, of course, the conventional measures of company valuation went out of the window.
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