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go public

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo publicgo publica) PUBLICIZE/MAKE KNOWNto tell everyone about something that was secretgo public on/with The planners are almost ready to go public on the road-building scheme. b) PEBBCto become a public company Many partnerships went public in the 1980s to secure extra capital. public
Examples from the Corpus
public on/withEight days ago, he went public with his demand to be traded.He had gone public with his ideas.Dexter King chose to go public with his.Now, to support that argument, we were going public with some very private stories.Indeed the team announcing the evidence spent two years carefully checking their results before daring to go public with the information.My phone call was a perfect opportunity for you to go public with the information.Small companies strike it rich by going public on the stock exchange.
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